What is Kalgan?

Kalgan is a web framework for Rust programing language developed by Eduardo Casas.

Kalgan can be considered as a microframework out of the box because most of its components are optional. However, and this is a common feature for most Rust frameworks, the first thing we must be aware is that Kalgan is not only a web framework but also an HTTP web server.

This project is completely open for collaborations. If you find an issue or have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to report it in the GitHub site of the project.

Last but not least, it's a must to say that Kalgan embraces Rust's Code of conduct.

Why Kalgan?

Kalgan it's intended to fill an empty space in the incipient Rust web ecosystem.

Rust is not an easy learning language. When one starts to work with it, there are several concepts that might take long time to assimilate. Maybe because Rust was originally intended to be a systems programming language, this learning curve might be especially steep for web developers. Despite it's ready for the web, a newcomer is going to find that there might be some components, far widespread in other ecosystems, which are not available right out of the box.

Kalgan is not meant to be a silver bullet but another option in the growing number of web frameworks for Rust available out there. Kalgan just tries to take a different approach, less rusty probably (which might be especially welcomed by newcomers). Indeed, Kalgan is inspired by Django and Symfony, both frameworks for Python and PHP languages, respectively. Someone who has worked with these ones will find several features and procedures in common.